(Resolved) Known Issue: Xero API: 503 Errors causing company disconnect.

Updated: 31 August, 2016 (17:38 AEST)

An error was reported 30 August, 2016 at 4:10pm AEST, where some companies were being disconnected. Around this time Xero reported that they were seeing elevated 503 (Unavailable) errors through the API. This error was affecting authentication exchange (oAuth) which was resulting in the loss of connectivity to the Xero Organisation as the request key was invalidated by this failure.

Update: Xero have released a fix and are monitoring the 503 errors.

Xero Incident Status: https://status.developer.xero.com/incidents/chk56zkrxcgz

Issue Updates: 

  • 15:37 on 31st of August, Xero confirmed that the fix has resolved the 503 issues.
  • 10:34 on 31st of August, Xero released a fix that is to address the 503 Errors. Initial indication is that the 503 errors have subsided.
  • 08:10 on 31st of August, Wise-Sync released an interim fix to address the access token being lost in a failed exchange, so that the retry could be attempted. Further issues were identified where the reconnect results in no access key being provided for the request
  • 07:55 on 31st of August, Xero advised that they had identified the issue and were packaging a fix for release.
  • 01:20 on 31st of August, Xero advised that they were still investigating the issue, and would provide updates accordingly.
  • 19:21 on 30th of August, Support Ticket logged advising increased company disconnects, indicating there was more significant issue. 
  • 18:31 on 30th of August, Xero API status notification reports Accounting API in degraded state. Intermittent issues with 503 (Unavailable)

Wise-Sync Interim Fix Released

An interim fix has been released to statefully handle the 503 errors, so that the access token is not lost during the failed request sequence. Some partners who have already had their companies disconnected will need to reconnect to Xero to sync.

Log into Wise-Sync via a Browser (https://secure2.wise-sync.com).

  1. Click on Companies
  2. Click on the disconnected Company in the list
  3. Click on "Connect to Xero"
  4. Reconnect your Company, you will be redirected back to Wise-Sync
  5. Click Save (Important)

If you are still receiving the following error, repeat the process by clicking the Browser Back Button, and then clicking "Connect to Xero" again.

  If you receive the following error: 

"No Xero Organisation was found.  Please Connect to Xero to connect this Company to a Xero Organisation"

You will need to delete the Connection to Wise-Sync from the Xero Addons Setting Page.

Click on Disconnect

Then in Wise-Sync follow the normal process for reconnecting a company.

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