Xero Validation Error: ConnectWise Invoice {Amount} does not match Xero Invoice. Rounding and Adjustment Cannot be applied to $0.00 invoice.

When an invoice is to be adjusted to match the ConnectWise invoice, Wise-Sync can run into an issue where it cannot update a Xero invoice if it has been processed as a $0.00 invoice *initially by the sync". 

In some situations a $0.01 invoice in ConnectWise is as a result of a rounding issue in ConnectWise. When the invoice is created in Xero, it can result in a $0.00 invoice being created. As a $0.00 invoice cannot be updated as it is considered as PAID, Wise-Sync cannot then update the invoice to reflect the $0.01 in ConnectWise as the record in Xero cannot be modified.

It is assumed that the client is not expecting to get a $0.01 invoice, so we recommend that you complete the following:

1. Create a new Product in ConnectWise called "Rounding"
2. Open the invoice in ConnectWise, by setting the status back to GL Reload
3. Add the Rounding product to the invoice, and either reduce the invoice by selling a -$0.01 or a +$0.01 product to bring the invoice back to $0.00 in ConnectWise.
4. Edit the record in Xero, and change one of the lines to be $0.01 more, so that the invoice is open again (and can be updated by the next step)
5. Sync Invoices again, and you will note that the record is created and updated correctly.


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