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Error Updating Xero: Multiple Matches for billing contact

We've recently had reports from some of sites running v2013.1, where the user has an older version of the ConnectWise client.

The issue is a result of where ConnectWise API returns two (or more) duplicate contact records for the primary contact (which there can only be one).

So this is either:

A) A bug with the CW saving of the Primary Contact, or the Reporting API is returning duplcate records, it's almost impossible for us to reproduce this one to get the steps where the duplicate record is created.

B) An issue where you are using an incorrect version of the CW Internet Client (Actual CW Application), and saved the company contact details for the record.

C) An issue where there are two records with the same first name, last name and email domain (actually a duplicate record).

To resolve this issue:

1. Make sure that you have the correct version of the CW Client. If you have the "C" icon, then this is the old version. You need to download and install the new client from http://www.connectwise.com/install. If you have a 64Bit OS, make sure that you are running the 64-bit version.

2. When you have the correct version installed, the following needs to be completed for each of the records (companies primary contacts) which are failing.

i) Open the invoice, to get to the Company, click on the Company Hyperlink, to drill through to the company.

II) From the "Contacts" tab, drill into the record of the Primary Contact.

III) Change the first name of the person listed (take note of it first of all).

IV) Save the record

V) Change the record back to the persons name in step III

VI) Try the sync again.

Note: if you are not already, make sure that you are using the https://secure2.wise-sync.com website if you are on 2013.1 or later.

If you have not re-connected your xero company for the updated site for 2013.x (secure2) you will need to do this on the "Company" tab, by clicking on the Company link and then clicking the "Connect to Xero" button.

Update January 9, 2019:  In some instances you may be able to see in ConnectWise Manage > Marketing > Communications Manager that you have multiple contacts checked as either the primary or billing contact.  We have found that changing the primary and billing contacts to another contact, and then changing them back eliminates the duplicates.

If you are still experiencing errors, please log a support ticket so that the issue can be investigated further.

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