v2013.1 - 2013.2 - Known Issue with Purchase Orders - Purchase Order Lines Blending with Other POs

Known Issue : Purchase Order Lines appearing on alternate Purchase Orders in Xero

A known issue (to ConnectWise) has been raised by some customers using Procurement in Connectwise. The issue affects Purchase Order lines and can cause duplicate (or incorrect) purchase order lines to be synced from the GL Interface into Xero.

This is causing an unhandled exception in Wise-Sync, which may result in an error displayed as:

 Warning: Compensated for rounding error in invoice ($-3000.00).

This error is displayed as part of Wise-Sync's validation processes, the expected total of all PO lines is validated against the expected total of the PO being batched. As the additional lines are not matched against the PO being validated, an adjustment (rounding) is created to ensure that the total's agree. 

We are working to release an update which will handle these anomolies, however as it is affecting only a small number of sites, the impact is low.

For information on this release, refer to the following ConnectWise Reference: v2013.x Release Notes

Update (18/09/2013): ConnectWise Support have advised that this issue has been addressed in a fix released in 2013.3

There have been a number of noticed anomalies, in testing of the new features of the Purchase Order Freight (Applicable to v2013.1-2013.2):

  1. Freight items are not always created for a Purchase Order line, in the Accounting Interface, and in some cases are duplicated.
  2. Accounting Interface (GL Entry) lines are appearing even where the business rules do not match.
      - If there is no amount in the Freight field on the PO, there will be no GL entry generated. If the Purchase order is not marked Closed, there will be no GL entry generated.  
  3. GL Entries are created in different PO’s (resulting in duplicate records) where the Slip ID is the same as different PO Records.
  4. The required ProductID is empty for each Purchase Order Freight Line.

The following scenario shows how a PO [#1002] has GL Entry lines for an alternative PO [#100]5, as the Picking Slip for the PO [#1002] freight has been entered as Slip ID #1005.

ConnectWise groups all GL Records for batching by the Slip ID, and in this instance, as the Slip ID for the Freight on #1002 is the same as #1005, the duplication is occurring.

The Resulting Purchase Order (GL Entries) for PO #1002:

The incorrect Purchase Order (GL Entries) for PO #1002:

To resolve this issue:

  1. Map the GL Account Type for the "Purchase Order Freight" (Refer: KB Article - Mapping Purchase Order Freight Classes); or
  2. Remove the Value from the Purchase Order Freight Field (on the PO), to do this then;
  1. Delete the batch (if the record has been batched)  of the affected records from ConnectWise Accounting Interface. 
  2. Ensure that once the record is un batched, that a Sync is not started in Wise-Sync.
  3. Open the PO by clicking on the "Closed" check box at the bottom of the PO Screen, save the PO and then return to the PO Search Screen.
  4. Re-Open the PO, you will now see that the Freight Lines and Freight Packing Slip are activated, and can be deleted.
  5. Change the Freight to $0
  6. Once the PO has been closed again, check the Accounting Interface to ensure that the records are correctly displaying. If there are still issues, log a support ticket with Wise-Sync support so that we can review the issue with you.
  7. Re-Sync Inventory in Wise-Sync, and check  all records affected have now been updated with the correct lines in Xero.

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