Handling Over-payments in Xero and ConnectWise

Xero Over Payments

Resolved: Overpayments will now be added to the value of invoice payments received and updated accordingly in ConnectWise as a payment received.

When a client over pays an invoice, Xero allows you to allocate this payment to "Over-Payment". As ConnectWise doesn't allow for this payment type to be handled through the API, it leaves these types of payments out of the payment sync process (similar to credit invoices / memos).

An over-payment will either result in

  1. Refund being paid to the client, resulting in no further action in ConnectWise
  2. Payment being allocated to an alternative invoice.
Where option 2 is selected, the payment will not correctly allocate to invoices in ConnectWise as Wise-Sync cannot handle the over payment.

We are investigating this payment process, to determine whether the payment can be allocated as a part payment, rather than through a credit allocation to an invoice.

To immediately resolve the payment allocation complete the following steps:

1. Deallocate the payment (remove and redo), which was resulting in the over-payment.
2. Apply the split payment (over-payments) directly to the invoices which the over payments we since allocated to.

The above process will ensure that the payments are allocated correctly as part payments in ConnectWise and close off the invoices.

Over payments are a fairly new feature in xero, and not handled in the same way as manual or reconciled payments. These special payments of a different  are  not be handled by Wise-Sync. 

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