Wise-Sync: 2015 Version Release Notes

v4.3.0 - Major Release - Wise-Pay (Release Date: 25 October 2015)

New Major Version: Wise-Pay released to Private Beta Partners. Full version release expected IT Nation November, 11, 2015.

Wise-Pay provides integration for multiple payment providers to ConnectWise and Quosal. This initial release brings support for IntegraPay, Stripe and BrainTree. Additional payment providers to be added include Authorize.Net and PayMill.

Major Functionality:

Wise-Pay provides integration between all of the common integration points; including

  • Quosal Order Porter - Payment Flow Integration
  • ConnectWise Customer Portal - Payment Flow Integration
  • Xero Payment Services
  • Wise-Pay Customer Portal

Wise-Pay Version Release Notes are listed here: Wise-Pay Version Release Notes

v4.2.4 - Minor Release - Bug Fixes & Minor Enhancements (Release Date: 18 August 2015)

Coming in the next release are two new features designed to help manage records to be excluded from the batch process as well as handling existing records as part of the onboarding process:

Minor Enhancement:

Following minor enhancements have been implemented

  • #441: Add "Document Date" which is the timesheet entry date to the Detailed Description in Xero / QBO, where the Invoice Detail option is set to "Detailed"
  • #316: QuickLink (links within sync results) does not require the user to log in again when link is clicked.
  • #388: QBO errors will now display some more text on the failing object. Such as Item, Customer or other element that has failed to update.

Bug Fixes

  • #496: Sync Log generates 3 x log entries for the same sync process.
  • #482: Limit QBO prefix to 3 characters to ensure unique value within total of 11 characters.
  • #481: Onboarding CutOff must be a date.
  • #479: Onboarding logs full details even when detailed logging not enabled.
  • #479: QBO > Required parameter line is missing in request
  • #473: Onboarding does not lock sync correctly
  • #476: Address is not re-concatenated if all address lines are used, which caused, suburb, state and post code (zip) to be repeated in the contact information.

v4.2.3 - Minor Release - Support for Connectwise v2015.6 (Expected Release Date: 17 July 2015)

Coming in the next release are two new features designed to help manage records to be excluded from the batch process as well as handling existing records as part of the onboarding process:

ConnectWise Version Release:

We've release support for v2015.6 as part of this release; providing for the update API and SDK endpoints.

  • #475: ConnectWise Version v2015.6

Bug Fixes

  • #474: Failed to get bill contact for company [your customer name].

v4.2.2 - Minor Release - Onboarding Sync & Exclude Sync (Expected Release Date: 25 June 2015)

Coming in the next release are two new features designed to help manage records to be excluded from the batch process as well as handling existing records as part of the onboarding process:

v4.2.1 - Minor Release - Updates to Onboarding and Bug Fixes (Release Date: 12 June 2015)

We've launched a new minor version to continue the release of the ConnectWise Project Integration which we are managing Onboarding of new partners.  A number of major improvements have been included in this release to provide further enhancement to the onboarding platform, including:

  • Goto Meeting - Integration for Acceptance of Tentative Meetings
  • Project - Time entries now easier to manage
  • Project - Project Shared Documents now linked to Tickets on Project Provision
  • Project - Admin statuses linked to ConnectWise Status, not Client Status.
  • Project - Link to ConnectWise ticket (Browser Window)

v4.2.0 - Major Release - Onboarding (Release Date: 28 May 2015)

We've launched our first iteration of our ConnectWise Project integration that will assist in the management of onboarding new partners. This is the single largest set of features we've release; and will look to share these new integrations with patners as we learn how they can help us to deliver greater levels of service all while increasing the utilisation of ConnectWise in our own business.

Onboarding Feature Release:

This interface sees the direct integration of Wise-Sync onboarding into a number of integration points including:

  • Projects
  • Tickets
  • Scheduling
  • Time Entry
  • Documents

The release also includes integration into a number of 3rd party integrations to include productivity when interacting with partners across multiple projects and deliverables.

3rd Party platforms integrations include:

  • Google Drive
  • Goto Meeting

We're also continuing the development of our payments platform will be called "Wise-Pay", partners are invited to register to our beta programme here (www.wise-pay.com). 

Enhancement Release:

As part of the development of the integration to the Documents API, this was extended to provide functionality for Enhanced Expenses; syncing the documents attached to ConnectWise expenses to Xero and QBO.

  • Feature: #375: Document Sync to Expenses in Xero / QBO

ConnectWise Version Release:

We've release support for v2015.5 as part of this release; providing for the update API and SDK endpoints.

  • #443: ConnectWise Version v2015.5

Bug Fixes

  • #437: Remove the ugly 1997 Progress Bar, and replace with Loading Dots... 
  • #434: Add loading image to page actions when waiting for account context to load..

v4.1.0.1 - Major Release - Payments (Release Date: 24 April 2015)

Wise-Sync Account Payment Processing (Wise-Pay. Wise-Pay Gateway)

We've launched our first iteration of our payment processing platform which will be called "Wise-Pay" that will provide options for payment processing through multiple merchant gateways "Wise-Pay Gateway". One of the most hotly requested features in ConnectWise history; payment processing, will address the age old problem of being able to manage payments from a variety of payment providers.

Over the next 6 months, you'll see a number of enhancements as we broaden the Wise-Sync products to include some pretty awesome features, payments being just one.

Our first iteration brings payment processing for your Wise-Sync account to the Billing History tab, which will allow you to process outstanding invoices, via saved (Card saved on your account) and manual payment methods (Enter a Credit Card for a One off Payment).

Bug Fixes

  • #411: Xero > Base URL for Draft Invoices links to View, which does not have an option to Approve invoices.
  • #410: Xero > Account filters display archived and deleted accounts.
  • #409: Xero > Payments are de-allocated from an invoice in ConnectWise where the invoice exists as either draft or deleted in Xero.
  • #407: Xero > Inventory Transactions are linked to the Purchase Bills setting for Approval. 

v4.0.13 - Hotfix Release (Release Date: 15 April 2015)

Bug Fixes:

  • #376: QBO > Ship Date not setting correctly for Part-Shipped POs
  • #387: QBO / Xero - Wise-Pay >  Change Account mapping to include all payment accounts (available)
  • #393: QBO Expenses > Account without Wise-Pay maps direct to Offset. 
  • #406: QBO NRE - Expenses > Tracking does not apply to Non-Reimbursable Expenses

v4.0.12 - Hotfix Release (Release Date: 11 April 2015)

Updated Version to support ConnectWise v2015.4.

Minor Bug Fix:

  • #395: QBO > Links from Expense Sync Results have incorrect base path.
  • #392: QBO > NRE Expense > Accounts do not map to Sub Accounts
  • #391: QBO > Unable to create invoice / bill where company name is the same as existing company 'Display Name'.

v4.0.11 - Minor Release -  ConnectWise Version v2015.4 Update (Release Date: 3 April 2015)

Updated Version to support ConnectWise v2015.4.

Minor Bug Fix:

  • #378 - Bypass Part Ship Option and Compliance for Inventory Adjustments

v4.0.10 - Minor Release -  Feature Release (Release Date: 16 March 2015)

Updated version includes feature release and some minor hotfixes to correct sync issues.

Features Released: 

Enhancments Released:

  • #374 - Add Hover Tooltips to Plan page to explain features
  • #366 - Add Block Sync in-app messages which will allow for rolling deployment of updates to the Wise-Sync Servers.

QBO Features (Previously Released to Xero App):

  • #372 - Add Validated Account dropdowns for company setup pages.
  • #360 - Add Part-Shipment Compliance to Procurement Options.

Sync Issues Updated / Corrected

  • #368 - QBO > Process to Truncate Adjustment ID when greater than 24 characters.

v4.0.9 - Minor Release -  Hot Fix Release (Release Date: 7 March 2015)

Updated version includes a hotfix to correct issues with multi-account sync.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Minor fix for multi-company subscriptions getting "Object not set to instance of an object" error.

v4.0.8 - Minor Release -  Feature Release (Release Date: 6 March 2015)

Updated version includes a small feature release and a couple of form updates.

Minor Enhancements:

  • #363 - Sync Statistics: A new tab has been added to the Sync Page, that shows basic statistics about your account. Including a little graph showing your last three months sync totals.
  • #357 - Links to Xero Records: Links will now include a organisation redirect to ensure that the link directs you to the correct organisation. This only affects users with multiple Xero Organisations. Previously the link resulted in a 500 server error until you selected the correct organisation xero.

v4.0.7 - Minor Release -  Bug Fixes (Release Date: 25/02/2015)

Updated version includes minor bug fixes for mostly text and form handling. This release includes a feature to help improve the handling of Part-Ship purchase orders.

Partner Led Enhancements:

  • #353 - Advanced Feature: Part-Ship compliance will be enabled by default on all accounts where Part-Shipment is enabled. This will ensure that part-shipped PO's do not accidentally end up creating multiple invoices in Xero in the event of the items being received and synced at different times, but on the same invoice.

Bug Fixes:

  • #292 - Plan over limit notification warning. A warning will display when account usage is over the set limits.
  • #356 - Form validation & loading. Forms that interface with other systems (Xero / QBO) will now display a 'Loading' dialog when communicating to indicate that we are working in the background, which reduces user frustration, increasing your inner zen.
  • #352 - IE Warning on Reset Password. We'll let you know if you need to use an alternative browser such as Chrome / Firefox for forms that are known to have issues with Internet Explorer.
  • #294 - Application notification messages will now display specfic messages based on the sync application (Xero / QBO).

v4.0.6 - Minor Release -  Bug Fixes (Release Date: 19/02/2015)

Updated version includes minor bug fixes for mostly text and form handling. This release does not include any changes to the core sync application or any ConnectWise entity frameworks.

Bug Fixes:

  • #314 - USD Plans show AUD in the summary T&Cs
  • #352 - Display information dialog for Password Reset that IE Users may have issues with the reset link and session handling, resulting in the password not being reset.
  • #351 - Added form validation on submission for Referral Pages
  • #349 - RCTI Credit Notes / Invoices do not display in partner onboarding dashboard when paid.

v4.0.5 - Minor Release - v2015.3, Bug Fixes (Release Date: 17/02/2015)

This version brings support for ConnectWise Version v2015.3, which sees no major changes to the API.
A few new customer facing features have been included in this feature as well as billing updates / plan pages now defaulting based on region with the release of US and Global region pricing for all Plans . Update includes a number of enhancements including framework for new features surrounding RCTI and Referral Commissions.


  • Support for ConnectWise 2015.3 API Framework
  • Validate Form fields for all Xero Account fields.
    Accounts from xero will now be listed as valid accounts for allocation to address incorrect allocation of Tax / Account combinations.
  • Commission payment system for Wise-Sync Agents and Ninja Army (partner referral program) due Q2 2015.

v4.0.4 - Minor Release - v2015.2, Bug Fixes (Release Date: 27/01/2015)

This version brings a few new customer facing features as well as billing updates to support the addition of our US billing options. US customers will have the option to switch to our US$ billing accounts, saving costs in international currency conversion charges on their credit cards. If you would like to switch to a USD transaction please email support@wise-sync.com, so that this can be initiated.


  • Now Accepting AMEX with 3% surcharge.
  • Drop-Ship Inventory Part Compliance
    Part 1: Accounting for Drop-Ship Items - 
  • Updates to payment sync process to allow for QuickBooks conversions to Xero to refer to "Reference" instead of "Invoice Number" for ConnectWise Invoice Number to update.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #230 - Account Lockout does not reset on Password Reset. 
  • Issue #291 - PO Does not Iterate document ID when voided transaction exists.
  • Admin - Issue #298 - Unable to update Accounts for Locales

v4.0.3 - Minor Release - v2015.2, Bug Fixes (Release Date: 6/12/2014)

ConnectWise Version v2015.2

Enhancement #281 - Release includes support for v2015.2 for both Xero and QBO sync end-points.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #269 - Admin dashboard breaks when account deleted. 
  • QBO Issue #280 - Product Class Accounts fail when leading spaces in Class Segments 
  • QBO Issue #279 - Sub Accounts not enumerating (PR8:2250) 

v4.0.2 - Minor Release - QBO Sync Updates, v2015.1 Bug Fixes (Release Date: 30/10/2014)

ConnectWise Updates for new v2.0 API

Release now implements v2.0 API endpoints, which are still in development. Only some endpoints have been migrated as we continue to work with ConnectWise to address issues with the results received for calls made to the API.

Minor Updates for QBO Sync

Minor updates applied to the QBO sync, including better error handling due to changes in the QBO API.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Support for Product Classes (Sub Products) on QBO Plans.
  • Support for ConnectWise Summarize Invoices Options for v2015.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue #228 - Terms Not Mapping to QBO Invoice
  • Issue #253 - Adjustments not applying correctly (Validation) when tax codes mismatched
  • Issue #233 - Customer Details Missing (Address Lines) from Customer Card in QBO
  • Issue #270 - Account Codes not Matching, Error when Syncing even when Account Exists in QBO
  • Issue #261 - Remove API Exception Logging Option from UI (Redundant)

v4.0.1 - Minor Release - QBO Sync Updates, v2015.1 Bug Fixes (Release Date: 17/11/2014)

ConnectWise Updates for new v2.0 API

Release some ConnectWise v2.0 API endpoints, which are still in development. These endpoints are only used for ConnectWise Partners using v2015.1 or later.

v4.0.0 - Major Release - QBO Sync (Release Date: 29/10/2014)

Support for QuickBooks Online

A major release completes the integration of Wise-Sync to QuickBooks online. A key cloud accounting application used by many businesses throughout the North American Region.

QuickBooks online presents an alternative platform for cloud accounting requirements of business looking to move from desktop applications such as QuickBooks, Sage, MYOB and many others.

As part of our strategy to become the #1 Accounting Integrator of choice for ConnectWise partners looking to move to the cloud, we've been able to achieve near complete feature porting of the features currently available to xero users.

  • Support for Sync of Connectwise Data to QuickBooks Online:
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Procurement (Expense Bills)
  • Inventory (Accounting Transaction)
  • Expenses
  • Wise-Pay
  • Here are some of the differences that users will benefit from when comparing to other integrations:
  • Single Record Batching
  • Record Validation = 100% Data Accuracy
  • Map to Account Numbers
  • Full Support for GL Mapping
  • Support of Regional Taxes
  • Multi Currency (Global Version Only)
  • Accounting Transaction flow for ConnectWise Inventory Transactions

Major Upgrade to Sync Framework

We've completed the re-design of our sync-framework to provide for greater levels of user feedback by shifting the workload to our front-end processing engine. QBO users will see this functionality in this release, with Xero sync on the roadmap for migration to the new sync framework in the next quarter. Features of the framework include.

  • Progress updates on records syncing;
  • Ability to terminate a sync in progress.
  • More detailed logging and links through to KB articles. 

User Voted Enhancements:

Minor Enhancements:

  • Onboarding Checks to help guide you through the setup process, and alerts when common information is missed during setup.

v3.1.9 - Update to ConnectWise API Error Handling (Release Date: 30/09/2014)

ConnectWise Finance API Error Handling Changes

Addition of Xero Error Logging when Detailed Logging Enabled:

  • Issue: #201: Added Xero Endpoint Logging to detailed Logging collected when enabled.

Changes to Application interface.

  • Issue: #209: Minor update to admin interface to improve performance of user page loads.

v3.1.8 - Update to Xero API Error Handling (Release Date: 09/09/2014)

Xero API Error Handling Changes

v3.1.7 - Update to ConnectWise Financial API (Release Date: 05/09/2014)

ConnectWise Finance API Changes (v2014.6)

  • ConnectWise Accounting API Change: v2014.6 Release
    ConnectWise v2014.6 is now supported for beta partners upon release of this version to integration partners on the 05/09/2014.

v3.1.6 - Xero API Updates (Release Date: 03/09/2014)

ConnectWise Finance API Changes (v2014.5+)

  • Accounting API Change: Addition of Invoice Summarization option for users of ConnectWise v2014.5 and above.
    This feature provides support for the Ticket Details to be synced to the Xero Invoice for time entry information, at two levels being Condensed, and Ticket.  This feature will allow for the time details to be sent to the invoice in Xero, so that a xero invoice may be sent in the place of the invoice from ConnectWise. All accounts will be set to "Default".

    Default: Summary time entries (default), will provide all service time by the mapping level, noted as only "Service". All revenue will be sun totalled and mapped to the GL Level mappings accordingly.

    New options for ticket details will be outputted as the:
    "Ticket #402 - Unable to Log into System", with all revenue sum totalled and grouped into the GL Level mappings accordingly.
    Ticket: "Ticket # 402 Work Role: System Engineer Work Type: After Hours Resource: Training Admin1 Unable to Log into System Testing the ticketing system" Each time entry will be represented by a single invoice line, and mapped to the GL Level mappings accordingly.

    View Feature Release Notes

Xero API Support for 4 Decimal Places.

  • API Update: Support has been added for 4 decimal places for the unit price of each invoice line. This has also allowed for greater control over unit prices of items sold in ConnectWise which are fractional cents that may round up when invoiced. All item prices are now calculated to 4 decimal places to ensure support for Rounding.

Minor Enhancement:

  • Post Rounding Adjustments to Sales or Purchase Item Account: When rounding items are processed, the system would allocate the revenue and expense to the account nominated in the Wise-Sync > Company Setup > Rounding [Tab]. Support has been added to optionally post rounding items to the account which created the rounding error (normally related to the fractional cent issue above).  Testing has found that most invoices will now be posted with very small rounding amounts, where previously this may have been several dollars (depending on qty of units sold).

v3.1.5 - Xero API Error Hotfix (Release Date: 14/08/2014)

Minor BugFix:

  • Resolved Issue: XeroAPI Error when creating items with a description longer than 1000 characters. Descriptions are truncated on the Item Description when the inventory item is created. The description on the invoice will be as per ConnectWise Product Customer Description.

v3.1.2 - ConnectWise Version Release - v2014.5 (Release Date: 10/07/2014)

Wise-Sync now supports ConnectWise Version 2014.5

Minor Enhancements:

  • Display Date Time as dd-MMM-yyyy for our Partners in US who were getting confused.
  • Super Admin - Function to Terminate Sync in Progress

v3.1.0 - Major Release - Multi Currency & Enhancement (Release Date: 21/06/2014)

Wise-Sync now support Multi-Currency transactions, allowing partners to Sell and Buy in foreign currencies. Xero will automatically calculate the Conversion Rates from the Mid-Market Rates as provided by XE.com

Major Release Items

  • ConnectWise Multi Currency Support for Xero Multi Currency Accounts
  • Advanced COGS Allocation Mapping for Inventory Transactions
  • Support for Multiple Tax Levels (Super Complex Tax Structures) - Big thanks to Eileen Wilson for this one!

User Voted Enhancements:

Partner Led Development:

  • Tax Code Validation Processes.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Display Date Time as dd-MMM-yyyy for our Partners in US who were getting confused.
  • Super Admin - Function to Terminate Sync in Progress

v3.0.1 - Minor Release - Bug Fixes (Release Date: 04/06/2014)

Minor Release - Bug Fixes

  • #160 - Validation error when multiple warehouses exist with same warehouse LocationXRef ID
  • #161 - User Account (not-active) after creation.
  • #162 - User Accounts logged out when Sync Now pressed.

v3.0.1 - Minor Release - Bug Fixes (Release Date: 04/06/2014)

Minor Release - Bug Fixes

  • #160 - Validation error when multiple warehouses exist with same warehouse LocationXRef ID
  • #161 - User Account (not-active) after creation.
  • #162 - User Accounts logged out when Sync Now pressed.

v3.0.0 - Major Release - Billing Platform Upgrade (Release Date: 29/05/2014)

Major Release - In-App Account Management & Billing

  • Automatic Account Provisioning on Sign Up
  • Manage Account and Subscription
  • Manage Credit Card Details (Update Card)
  • Manage Account Details
  • Manage Billing Details
  • Change Plans & Add-On Features
  • View Billing History (Invoices)
  • Update Billing Contact Details

Minor Bugfix Resolved:

  • #152: Payments not Applying for all Date Range.

v2.4.5 - Minor Bug Fix  (Release Date: 7/05/2014)

Minor Bugfix Resolved:

  • #149: Cannot create Credit Memo, where a Rounding Issue exists.

v2.4.4 - New CW Versions, Bug Fixes  (Release Date: 01/05/2014)

ConnectWise Version Support:

  • #148: Support for ConnectWise Version v2014.4

Issues Resolved include:

  • #147: Rounding Adjustments not applying to Inventory Transactions

v2.4.3 - Major Feature Release  (Release Date: 28/03/2014)

View the Release Presentation > http://bit.ly/OXvHZH

New Feature:  Expense Sync. 

Wise-Sync now provides support for ConnectWise Expense Transactions for all partners.

Records posted

  • Employee Expense (Reimbursable to Employee)
  • Employee Personal (Reimbursable to Company)
  • Company Non-Reimbursable (Paid by Company Account) <<<< Exclusive to Wise-Sync

Batch Processing

  • Records processed as individual, or weekly grouping
  • Records separated into reimbursable and payment types.

New Feature:  Wise-Pay© - Automatic Expense Payment Mapping

Wise-Syncs new feature 'Wise-Pay©' will provide an add-on to all plans, allowing users to allocate payments to partner bank accounts automatically.

  • Mapping of Company Account to Xero Bank Account
  • Auto Payment of Expense to Company Account for Reconciliation

New Feature:  User Interface Change

We've made a couple of minor changes to the UI, including:

  • Moving the Application Tabs to the left side, allowing for more tabs on the company screen now that we are releasing even more features.
  • Split the Company Screen settings into more logical grouping.
  • Removed the big useless text when you connect to your Xero Company each time you sync. The dropdown will now be green when your good-to-sync.
  • Automatically selected your first company in the dropdown list by default when you first log in.

v2.4.2 - Bug Fixes  (Release Date: 28/03/2014)

Issues Resolved

  • #126: Sync All Button
  • #127: Split Sync Invoices / Procurement
  • #125: Unable to test user credentials when logged in as admin
  • #120: Address Country not Mapping
  • #123: ABN Not Mapping

v2.4.1 - Major Feature Release  (Release Date: 21/02/2014)

View the Release Presentation > http://bit.ly/1g0besL

New Feature:  Inventory Sync

Wise-Sync now provides support for ConnectWise Inventory Transactions for partners on Sync-Ninja Plan, including:

  • Posting of Inventory Adjustment on Sale of Asset (To Cost of Sales)
  • Posting of Inventory Transfer between warehouses
  • Posting of Inventory Adjustment to affect IV Valuations

In all cases transactions posted represent the IV accounting data only. As Xero does not hold Stock On Hand information, all IV Stock Information such as quantity and serial numbers can be managed in ConnectWise.

Initial release will be to beta partners on v2014.2, with GA Release expected in coming days. 

Minor Bugfixes:

  • #105 > Bug Payments Not Applied Correctly even when Success Reported

v2.3.5 - Minor Bugfix (Release Date: 13/02/2014)

Minor Bugfixes:

  • #101: v2.3.4 > Bug > User Cannot Save (Edit User Details)
  • #103: v2.3.4 > Bug > Enhanced API Messages not being returned

v2.3.4 - Sync Results and Support User Experience (Release Date: 31/01/2014)

Update to provide more manageability for Wise-Sync support users. Additional functions such as Debug Output and API Call Logging are now available. These extended logging features can be enabled on your Account Settings page. This will help the support team to provide faster levels of support on sync issues resulting from data inconsistencies in ConnectWise batch results.

ConnectWise Version Support Extended

  • Wise-Sync now has support for the 2014.2 API and SDK

Resulting Support User Performance Improvements:

  • App Enhancement > #85 - Update Results Display
     - Pagination of large list sets (Accounts, Companies, Users)
     - Add Sync Results Page to Accounts Screen (admin users)
     - Add Sync Results Page to Sync Screen (for users)
     - Add Pages for Sync Results, Batch Results, Log Ouput (Only when Debug Enabled).
  • App Enhancement > #94 - Super User Emulation - Provides Super users with ability to emulate user to troubleshoot sync.
  • App Enhancement > #95
    - Batch Result Invoice Link - A link to the xero invoice has been added, which provides direct click through to the xero invoice.
    - Added colour formatting to different Message Classes (ERROR, WARNING, SUCCESS)

- Performance Enhancement (Release Date: 24/01/2014)

Update to improve performance for larger organisations (> 5000 invoices total AR / AP invoices) to improve efficiency of calls to the xero API to ensure that API limits are not being triggered. Tests were completed for invoice batches of 250-300 invoices in a single sync operation.

Resulting Application Performance Improvements:

  • #61 Changes to GET request for Xero Invoices (for validation). Reduced API call overhead and call efficiency during sync to only valid invoice numbers in batch for posting.
  • #60 Changes to GET request for Xero Invoice Payments (AR). To resolve issue where AR and AP invoice numbers are not unique (Refer KB: 253649)

v2.3.2 - Bug Fixes (Release Date: 22/01/2013)

Bug Fixes:

  • #90 Minor Updates from v2.3.1

- New Features and Bug Fixes (Release Date: 17/01/2014)

Bug Fixes:

  • #80 Select TOP 1 for ValidateGetBillingContactDefaultBillingFlag
  • #74 Additional Validation for Multiple Records


  •  #83 ConnectWise Version Check
  •  #72 User option for "Part Ship Date" instead of PO Date: http://bit.ly/KuOybw
  •  #69 Default Tax Tables not loading on selection of Region
  •  #77 dbLogging of API Exceptions
  •  #84  In App Messages
  •  #88 NZ Term EOM - Refer KB Article: http://bit.ly/1atoa9b

Application Changes:

  • #81 Updated Application Footer
  • #86 Return Inner Message from call stack error message.

v2.2.2 - New Features and Bug Fixes (Release Date: 20/12/2013)

  • Support for ConnectWise MultiLevel API and SDK (beta)
  • Support for ConnectWise Versions (v2014.1 beta, v2013.4)
  • Enhancement: Mapped PO SlipID to Xero Invoice Reference if different to PO#
  • Enhancement: Increased error output for missing GL Codes and Items.
  • Enhancement: Added support for "Include" records in batch for ConnectWise v2014.1
  • BugFix: Resolved issues with SyncLock not releasing.
  • BugFix: Added handling for orphaned or missing Purchase Order Freight configurations.
  • v2.2.1 - New Features and Bug Fixes (Release Date: 20/12/2013)
  • Enhancement: Support for Multiple GL Owner Level in one Xero Company
  • Enhancement: Added TimeZone to account to allow for CW.Server timezone offset of batched record timestamp.
  • Enhancement: Added Rounding and Adjustment Item limit (Set to $10).
  • Enhancement: Handled PO Date mapping to reference in Xero Purchase Invoice.
  • BugFix: Resolved unhandled issues with ConnectWise Invoice API (affecting payment sync)
  • BugFix: Handled additional validation issues with Invalid Procurement Items in v2013.1-2013.3
  • BugFix: Added support to exclude Inventory Adjustment Items from Sync.
  • v2.2.0 - New Feature (Release Date: 20/12/2013)
  • Major Enhancement: Support for Xero Tracking Codes on SyncNinja Plan
  • Enhancement: Added COGS Validation option to to not validate COGS account where Procurement is not used by ConnectWise partner..
  • v2.1.9 - Minor Bug Fixes (Release Date: 09/07/2013)
  • v2.1.8 - Minor Bug Fixes (Release Date: 09/07/2013)
  • #37: New Feature > Obscured password display fields in Account and User edit screens for PSA Member and Integrator details. 
  • #28: Bug > Addressed issues with payment date control reverting to 01/01/0001 on sync. 
  • #41: Bug > Resolved time stamp for error logging.
  • v2.1.7 - Fixed issues with PO Batches erroring with: Error Updating Xero: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • v2.1.6 - Resolved token access issues, Added Progress Bar & Disabled Sync Now button once pressed.
  • v2.1.5 - First Public Release - Resolved multiple issues with company token validation. Resolved issues with admin adding user accounts. Resolved issue with NZ Tax Types.

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