Compensated for rounding error in invoice

Compensated for rounding error in invoice.

This error can occur due to a rounding error in the Purchase Order. The rounding error will usually only be a few cents & may show as ($-0.001).

Error Text:  Warning: Compensated for rounding error in invoice ($-0.001).


Information you'll need..

1. Purchase order number that has caused the error.

Steps to take

When the WiseSync tool makes a rounding compensation it will usually still sync the Purchase Order to Xero.

From the Bills screen in Xero follow these steps:

1.1 Search for the relevant Purchase Order.

1.2 Check that the total on the Purchase order is still the same Total amount. If the rounding has changed the total click into the Bill

1.3 Select the Bill Options menu & click on Edit

1.4 Change the total back to the correct amount. You will notice the automatic rounding adjustment will appear. Click update.

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