GLBatch already exists for PO

A GLBatch already exists for PO.

This error can occur when some line items have been received in a Purchase Order ConnectWise, then the Purchase Order number was altered, & then the rest of the lines received. This creates 2 different Packing Slips for the 1 Purchase Order.

ConnectWise batches Purchase Records based on the following hierarchy:

  1. Purchase Order #
  2. Packing Slip (Distinct Record)

Where a Different Packing Slip has been entered when receiving the Purchase Order, this will result in the records being batched as two separate xero Purchase Invoices, where the optional Wise-Sync setting "Allow Part Ship" which can be defined at a Company Level is not set, the following error will result.

Error Text:  A GLBatch already exists for PO. To allow part shipment of Purchase Orders, Wise-Sync must be configured to allow Part Shipment. Correct this error by Ensuring the Packing Slip for each purchase order like is the same on all received items in Connectwise


Information you'll need..

1. Purchase order number that has caused the error.

Steps to take

From the Bills section in Xero follow these steps:

Optional Step: Void Existing Purchase Order in Xero

Wise-Sync will update existing purchase orders if they

A) Have not been marked as Paid (or are $0 invoices)
B) The Invoice Reference Field in XERO has not been updated or changed.

1.1 Search for the Purchase Order number that has caused the error.

1.2 Click into Bill Options & click on Void

Step 1: Delete Existing Batch in Connect Wise

1.1 Go into the ConnectWise Accounting Interface screen & click on the Open Batches tab

1.2 Enter the Purchase Order number with asterisks on both sides & click Search

1.3 If the PO Batch appears select the checkbox next to the item

1.4 Click Actions > Delete Open Batch

Step 2: Open Closed Purchase Order

From the Purchase Order screen in ConnectWise follow these steps:

2.1 In ConnectWise un-receive the PO in the Purchase tab of the Purchase Order by un-ticking the check box, then click Save

2.2 In the Products tab of the Purchase order un-receive all the products by clicking into them individually (changing them back to Open). Un-tick the check box, delete the Packing Slip, delete the Received Qty & Save

Step 3: Re-Receive Purchase Order Lines

3.1 Go back into the Purchase Order screen, refresh the screen by clicking Search 

3.2 Make the changes to the PO where needed.

3.3 Go back into the Purchase Order screen, refresh the screen by clicking Search & then re-receive all products in the Products tab, closing the Purchase Order

4.1 Re-sync the PO to Xero

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