(Resolved) Known Issue: Purchase Order Date not being set correctly after updating to v2018.4


Resolved: ConnectWise have released a fix for this on 29th of June, 2018. If you are an on-premise customer running v2018.4, you will need to ensure that all CW Patches are applied to your server to correct this issue.

Version Affected

ConnectWise Manage Version v2018.4


The Ship Date as set on the SUPPLIER-INVOICE is not being used to set the purchase order date in the accounting package.

A resulting warning will display when syncing procurement

Warning: Ship date is not available for slip number {PackingSlipID} using purchase order date.

This is as a result of an issue where the ConnectWise API is not returning PurchaseOrder Line for validation and to set the Purchase Bill in your accounting package.

What have we done about it?

We have logged a ticket with ConnectWise, requesting a priority review of this issue.

You may request updates to this ticket and advise if you are affected by this issue: 

ConnectWise Ticket: #10459123 

Date Reported: 14th June, 2018


  • If you are already running v2018.4 
    There is no current work around. Partners will need to update the Purchase Bill date manually in their accounting system.
  • If you have not upgraded to v2018.4
    We recommend that you delay upgrade if this will have an impact on your purchase order management.


19th June 2018ConnectWise have advised that they were able to reproduce the problem. It appears that Purchase Order line items are not returned by the API if the line is closed.

This matter has been escalated to the ConnectWise development team for review.
20th June 2018Work has been completed on the fix by ConnectWise and has been handed over to QA for review.    
28th June 2018Patch Released to ConnectWise Cloud and Available for Install for On Premise Partners.
Note: On premise partners will need to install patches for the issue to be corrected.

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