Known Issue: Real-Time Sync Callbacks Intermittently Failing



Who's Affected

Partners that have Real-Time Sync enabled may be intermittently affected. 


Partners have reported issues with Invoices not syncing to their Accounting Package from ConnectWise Manage via Real-Time Sync.

The cause of the issue has been identified with ConnectWise Manage not consistently sending callbacks when a mass action is used to update invoices to a closed status (eg. Closed - Emailed). A mass action may include the use of the Invoice Batch Emailing to send and close invoices. A callback from ConnectWise Manage is used to trigger the action of invoice syncing via Wise-Sync. 

Callbacks are being sent consistently when an individual invoice is updated to a closed status. This process is not affected by this known issue.

What are we doing about it? 

We have logged a ticket with ConnectWise advising the issue. 

ConnectWise has reproduced the issue and is currently escalating within Product Management. 

How do we know it’s an issue?

Invoices have intermittently failed to sync and remain in Accounting Interface > Unposted Invoices.


Partners can check for affected invoices by navigating to ConnectWise Manage > Finance > Accounting Interface > Unposted Invoices. 

Invoices that have not been synced to an Accounting Package via Real-Time Sync should be manually processed via the Wise-Sync Sync Screen. 

For more information about syncing Invoices manually, see Syncing with Wise-Sync

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