Wise-Pay: Version 1.4.1 Release Notes

Wise-Pay > Version Release Notes: v1.4.1

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Release date: 29th August 2017


New Features:

  • #WP-152: QuoteWerks Integration

Issues Fixed:

  • #WP-129: System allows double payment if window is not closed after first payment
  • #WP-137: Invoice link needs to be encoded link via guest controller that does not require user authentication
  • #WP-140: Notification parsing engine fails to handle notifications with an empty body, or where invalid data is provided
  • #WP-147: Add images for missing card types
  • #WP-156: Schedule payment check job doesn't mark bank auto-payment as cancelled
  • #WP-134: Enclosed download links in a ref element
  • #WP-142: Scheduled payment check job fails to connect to accounting context if account is not active for processing (disconnected Xero/QBO)
  • #WP-148: Create new customer fails when there is a customer with the same name (when a leading space is entered into the Virtual Terminal)
  • #WP-146: Remove warnings for 'Stripe.StripeChargeCreateOptions' is obsolete: this is going away in Stripe.net 7.0
  • #WP-150: Notifications for Batch Payment
  • #WP-153: Retry / Manual fix raises invalid 'The customer for this transaction was not found' error
  • #WP-154: Integrate logging framework into Wise-Pay payment proxies
  • #WP-155: Unable to accept proposals when project name exceeds 50 characters
  • #WP-157: Manual fix raises 'Unrecognized request URL error
  • #WP-162: 'Sequence contains more than one element' error when a merchant admin & company admin have the same subscription settings
  • #WP-165: Transaction failure reason blank when viewing as merchant admin.

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