Avalara Integration Setup (US Region)

What is Avalara?

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ConnectWise Configuration

It is assumed that the integration has been activated in ConnectWise and setup is complete by Avalara. Please make contact with the Avalara team if this isn't the case.

Make sure of is that the tax code AVATAX has been setup in ConnectWise. This should already been configured by Avalara.

  1. Go to System > Setup Tables > Tax Code table > AVATAX
  2. Set the Tax Code Cross Reference for Tax Level 1 - 6 to AVATAX
  3. Click Save

Click here for more information about Avalara Integration Setup with ConnectWise in the ConnectWise University.

Wise-Sync Configuration

Set the Purchase and Sales Tax Code control in Company Settings

  1. Go to Companies > Click the Company Name to edit > Tax Code tab
  2. Set Tax Code when Sold and Tax Code when bought to GL Entry
  3. Click Save

Accounting Package Configuration

Chart of Accounts

Create a Current Liability account for Avalara Accrued Sales Tax.  Note:  This can not be the System Generated/Locked account that QBO or Xero creates.  You will need to create a new Current Liability account.

ConnectWise Manage GL Accounts Configurations.

System > Setup Tables > GL Accounts

Ensure that your Sales Tax Payable owner level mapping is mapped to the Avalara Accrued Sales Tax account created in the previous step.

Sync Results

Transactions will sync as Tax Excluded transactions, containing additional lines for Avalara Tax.

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