FAQ: Why are there adjustment items on an invoice

Invoice Adjustments are a functional part of Wise-Sync and the integration between ConnectWise and cloud accounting packages. It helps to ensure that the value of the invoice being posted to your accounting package matches exactly the amount of the invoice in ConnectWise.

ConnectWise similarly to the fractionally costed items, an invoice can miscalculate by a cent (penny) when taxes or items are pre-rounded. Normally an adjustment of up to a few dollars could be considered normal.

Wise-Sync validates the invoice amount of the invoice created, and balances it against the invoice total in ConnectWise. Where the balances do not match a small adjustment is applied to an invoice.

This can be caused by a number of factors: 

  • The tax calculation between the systems is inconsistent, and calculated with different methods.
  • The total amounts provided through connectwise GL Entries does not match the invoice total (sum of all the lines on the invoice)
  • The calculation of tax, results in a minor difference between the invoice amount in ConnectWise and your accounting package.

Wise-Sync has a maxium value which is considered a minor adjustement (defaulted to $10), and can be set in the Wise-Sync > Companies setup screen. Setting the value to $0 will result in no limit.

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