Known Issue - Business Validation Error: You must specify a transaction amount that is 0 or greater.


Workaround has been implemented in Wise-Sync v4.5.4

Who does this affect?

This issue is localised to the Canadian Version of QBO.


When syncing Invoices, QBO is incorrectly rounding tax amounts calculated on Invoices for Services provided. If the invoice is credited, the tax calculated on the credit does not match the invoice, resulting in the error:

Business Validation Error: You must specify a transaction amount that is 0 or greater.

How do we know?

We were able to recreate the issue by posting a record without the agreement amount, then adding an agreement credit to the invoice in QBO.

It was here we realised the issue was relating to the credit of tax on the invoice resulting from the GST component.

The issue is actually QBO is not calculating the tax correctly. QBO is rounding off the amounts for the tax for the services provided. 

Looking at the example below, when the tax amount is calculated by QBO, the tax amount is $429.68 rather than the $429.69 (based on $8593.75 * 0.05 = $429.6875)

When the amount is then credited to the invoice by the agreement the tax calculation for the single line is then $429.69 (rounded up)

What we're doing about it

We've looked at how we may be able to handle the issue, but as this is an internal calculation made by QBO and we are not told about the amount (difference) of the error, we cannot handle it with our rounding and adjustment validation.

Our main challenge is that we don't know what way the rounding error is going to apply, and in this case whether it is $0.01 or more.

NOTE: in the US version we are able to set the Tax Amount and even where there is an amount in the CA Version it can also be set, but not where the amount is negative.

Immediate workaround

Use the "Tax Exempt" tax code on your agreement ($0.00) invoices, as this doesn't require QBO to calculate tax. As you are simply reversing revenue, there is no Tax Implication.

  1. Use the Tax Exempt code on your $0.00 invoices, so they will sync. If need be you can update the Tax Rates directly in QBO, but you will need to adjust the invoice manually.
  2. Wise-Sync will investigate whether we can handle the -$0.01 invoice amount resulting from tax, by adding an adjustment line.
  3. Wait for QBO to resolve the rounding issue.

Long Term Solution

We will be logging a ticket with QBO, but their lead time to resolve issues can be months.

In the meantime, we will try to implement a workaround on our side by attempting to add a rounding / adjustment line. This workaround may not be effective if the amount is greater than $0.01, or whether the same conditions are not met / observed. As we don't get an invoice back to work with, we are stabbing in the dark looking for why the record has failed.

We'll keep you posted on progress with QBO, but as mentioned it is normally 3-4 days before we even hear back from them following submission of a request like this.


19th June 2018We have implemented a workaround that will adjust 0.01 invoices.

A warning will be displayed in your sync results to advise you that this has occurred.

Release Notes: Wise-Sync v4.5.4

At this stage, there are no updates from Quickbooks Online about a long term solution.

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