Wise-Pay: Version 1.2.10 Release Notes

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Release date: 26th November 2016  


New Features:

  • #1184: Wise-Pay > Home Page > Preload Outstanding Payments
  • #1193: Wise-Pay > Edit Payer > Ability to Rename Payer Company Name

Issues Fixed:

  • #1192: Wise-Pay > IntegraPay > FaultException Handling
  • #1191: Wise-Pay > Auto-Pay > Calculate Dates for Future Payments Using 2AM as Start of Day
  • #1203: Wise-Pay > Add Payer > Type ahead does not display results from second merchant company in returned results
  • #945: Wise-Pay > Payment Scheduler > Don't schedule / retry if payment amount is $0.00
  • #1177: Wise-Pay > Payment Flows > Handling Multiple Payments From Different Browser Tabs

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