Error Updating Xero: Failed to execute on status

An error has presented where the item contains a non-standard character in the ConnectWise ProductID, which is in turn resulting in an unhandled error. This error has presented following the recent release of Xero Inventory; and has been identified by a number of partners reported first on (31 March 2015 0400 UTC).

The issue has been reported to Xero who have acknowledged the error and are currently reviewing the issue for remediation.

Error Messages: 

> Failed to execute on status <400>
> The item code is invalid
> An Error Occurred in Xero
Error Updating Xero: An unhandled error occurred updating Xero and resulted in an exception

Update (1 April 2015 0300 UTC)Further partner issues have been noted that also include the following characters:

  - '&', '[]', '+' 

Acknowledged - There is currently no resolution available from Xero.

Manual Work Around:

Using ConnectWise
1. Identify the item by finding the failing invoice / record in ConnectWise
2. Review the Product, and write down the Product ID
3. Click on Procurement > Products from the side menus.
4. Search for the product in Step #2
5. Change the Product ID to replace the '&' with the word 'and'
6. Save the Product

Using Xero
1. Click on Accounts > Inventory 
2. Search for the item code as per the item in ConnectWise Step #2
3. Click on the Edit Item button at the top
4. Update the Item Code by replacing the '&' with the word 'and'
5. Save the item.

Once you have changed both the ConnectWise and Xero items, re-sync the record by clicking on the Sync button in Wise-Sync

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