Wise-Pay Update - 25th May 2020

Hotfix - 12 June 2020

We've pushed out a patch correcting an inefficient database query returning Datto Autotask PSA sync results in Wise-Sync, resulting in severe performance degradation for all customers if not handled.

Wise-Pay General Release - 25 May 2020

This release welcomes support for UK Bank Account Mandate, improvements to configuring Event Notifications and imporved handling for payments that are in a pending state.

Support for UK Direct Debit Mandate (Payrix)

Anyone accepting Direct Debit payments in the UK requires a mandate, to be approved by the customer. Until that happens, payments cannot be processed for them. We've partnered with Payrix to introduce a process that will handle the mandate approval:

  • New Bank Account Payers will be suspended in Wise-Pay, until the mandate is approved and the payer is active in Payrix.
  • Scheduling bank debit requests during the mandate will be delayed by 7 days from the original scheduled date.
  • Scheduling after the 7 days will check the payer’s status and if they have passed the mandate, payment will be scheduled, otherwise cancel the schedule and a new schedule created to be processed in 24 hours.

Improvements to Event Notification Configuration

We received feedback recently prompting us to make some improvements to the user experience when configuring Event Notifications. When enabling or disabling notifications, the screen used to reload, forcing you to have to recall the Event you were configuring and scroll back to it, to complete the config. Now, Wise-Pay will maintain your position on the screen and any messaging relating to enabling or disabling a notification will now be displayed in context to the Event you are configuring.

Handling for 'pending' state Payrix transactions

We have added handling for Payrix transactions that are in a ‘pending’ state. These were previously not being handled correctly when the Payment Update was being processed in ConnectWise.

Other Updates

  • Placeholders used in Terms and Conditions, were not rendering in the terms that needed to be accepted. This has been resolved.
  • The Wise-Pay Privacy Policy is no longer available as a Term and Disclaimer that can be configured at the Merchant Account level.
  • Payrix API Keys were being overridden by Last Pass and other passsword apps. We have added an 'edit' button that needs to be clicked if Payrix API Keys need to be updated to avoid the keys being overridden.

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