Wise-Sync Update - 29 September 2020

Wise-Sync Hotfix - 12 October 2020

We have made some improvements to the Automated Sales Tax (AST) error handling in QBO impacting ConnectWise Partners using QBO AST:

  • The requirement for Wise-Sync to match the Tax Code Name when syncing invoices to QBO when AST is enabled has been removed. We have discovered that this is not a required field; QBO will match the invoice's tax amount and apply the tax rate based on the Invoice Shipping to Address.
  • When the Invoice Tax is out of balance, an Invoice Adjustment will no longer be applied on top of the tax override adjustment, meaning only the tax override adjustment will be applied when the AST is enabled.

For more information see QuickBooks Online Automated Sales Tax for ConnectWise Manage

Wise-Sync General Release - 29 September 2020

This latest release features a change to how some of you will log in to Wise-Sync by requiring two-factor authentication. We have also taken this opportunity to modernise our Login UI and the footer that is used across the application. We hope you like our new UI as much as we do! Expect to see more of it being rolled out across the application.

Logging into Wise-Sync with two-factor authentication

From 1st October 2020, all users and all Payers associated with an Australian based Wise-Sync account will need to enter a verification code when they log in to either Wise-Sync or Wise-Pay. To simplify this process, if an authenticator app has not yet been configured, a verification code will automatically be sent to their registered email address during login. At login, users will be able to choose to continue using email verification or setup an authentication app as their preferred verification method.

You can refer to our Knowledge Base article on how to Configure 2FA.

Why is 2FA required for Australian users?

In line with the Australian Software Business Association, the requirement for 2FA has been extended by our integration partners as a mandatory requirement for third party systems that provide access to sensitive company data.

We recognise that this might create further steps to access our platform, however we also recognise that 2FA is now a minimum security standard to help protect your account from unauthorised access.

What's to come?

  • A single sign-in: That's right, you'll shortly be able to sign-in to Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay with a single sign-in by simply using your Azure ID.

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