Wise-Sync Activation Guide for ConnectWise Manage

We’re excited to have you on-board, and get you syncing! Our team of ninjas will get you set up to use the system. The setup performed is outlined below so that you can refer back to it, should you ever need it. 

Most settings listed are set and forget, but it is good to have reference points should you need to add anything new into the setup (i.e. new billing terms). 

Activation Videos

Wise-Sync's collection of activation videos will introduce you to the content that will be covered in your activation calls. For more information see Wise-Sync for ConnectWise Manage Activation Videos.

Part 1. Accounting Package Setup:

Part 2. ConnectWise Manage Foundation Setup

Part 3. ConnectWise Manage GL Mapping Setup

Part 4. Wise-Sync Account Setup

Part 5. Expense Sync Setup

Part 6. Inventory Sync Setup

Part 7. Wise-Sync Advanced Features Setup

Go Live Checklist

Once you have completed the setup we recommend you to take a look at our Go Live Checklist and ensure that you checked all the points before you start syncing. We also recommend watching the Wise-Sync Open Mic Webinars.

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