Wise-Pay Update - 7 December 2020

Wise-Pay Hotfix - 14 December 2020

This latest release features an enhanced payment experience! We have completed the development of a new and improved Payment process to enhance the overall payer experience. When making an invoice payment, payers will be able to login or register to be a Wise-Pay payer - by doing this, they will have the option to pay their invoice via credit card or bank debit, and have an option to schedule the payment for a future date or pay in real-time.
We are rolling this out to a handful of Beta customers first, with a general release penciled in for January 2021. 

Wise-Pay General Release - 7 December 2020

This latest release features an added Event Notification trigger to stop those annoying emails being sent out for failed $0 invoices, and the ability for Wise-Pay to check payments for direct debits that are in a scheduled status, regardless of time.

Ability to check payments for Direct Debit in Scheduled Status, regardless of time

When payments have been scheduled in Wise-Pay, but then either voided or manually paid in your Accounting Package, Wise-Pay would check for scheduled payments up to 18 before the scheduled payments time. This was frustratingly causing duplicate payments, as both the scheduled payment and the manual payment were able to be processed.
Scheduled payments will now be canceled/re-set up to the time when Payrix actually processes the payment, reducing the ability for payments to be duplicated.

Trigger condition added for failed $0 Invoices

When scheduled Automatic Payments for $0.00 were processed, Merchants and Payers have been receiving misleading failed event notification emails. To partially solve for this, we have added a new trigger to the Auto Payment Scheduling Failed Event notification to only trigger notifications for invoices greater than $0.00.
We have added a migration that will insert the new trigger for any existing event settings. If you do not have this event enabled, it will automatically add the trigger when you do enable this Auto Payment Scheduling Failed event.
This hopefully will avoid some confusion!

We have on our medium-term Roadmap, the addition of a new Merchant Automatic Payments configuration option to better handle $0 invoices which will better cater for these scenarios

What Else?

  • You will be now notified and able to refresh a Wise-Pay widget if Wise-Pay is unable to load the application cache 

  • Upcoming and Overdue notifications now use data from the Accounting Package instead of from the invoice cache.
    Invalid notifications will no longer be sent out in cases where:
    • The system failed to update the outstanding flag in our invoice cache.
    • The system incorrectly applied a payment flag.
  • The Advanced Options button in the Merchant Configuration screen has been removed, so all fields are now visible when viewing this screen.

What's to come?

  • A single sign-in: That's right, you'll shortly be able to sign in to Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay with a single sign-in by simply using your Azure ID or your Xero login.

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