Xero Validation Error: An existing Invoice with the specified InvoiceID could not be found

If you try and sync an invoice to Xero, where Tracked Inventory is enabled in Xero, you will receive: An existing Invoice with the specified InvoiceID could not be found.


The Inventory Item in Xero is Tracked.  You will need to edit the Inventory Item Code in Xero and then sync the records again.  This will create a new inventory item in Xero that doesn't use Xero's Tracked feature.


1. Log into Xero
2. Click Accounts
3. Click Inventory
4. Click on the Inventory Item which you are receiving the error for
5. Click Edit Item
6. Change the Inventory Item Code eg. X.CPU
7. Click Save
8. Sync Records in Wise-Sync

This will create a new Inventory Item in Xero that doesn't use Xero's Tracked Inventory Feature.


When looking at your Inventory Items, if there is a Quantity, this indicates that Xero's Tracked Inventory is enabled.

Once the inventory item has recorded transactions against the item you are unable to disable Inventory Tracking for this item.

You will need to change the Item Code eg. X.CPU

Additional Information

Xero: Tracked Inventory

With tracked inventory, Xero keeps a count of your inventory items and updates the count for items purchased and sold.

IMPORTANT: Tracked inventory is not suitable for your organisation if you operate with negative inventory.  This is, you sell goods before you've purchased them as Xero won't allow you to have negative inventory.  

For further information on Tracked Inventory in Xero, please refer to their knowledge based article: https://help.xero.com/au/InventoryTracked

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