FAQ - Common Questions about ConnectWise REST API Keys

The following are the answers to many of the common questions about moving to the ConnectWise REST API.

Q. Why do you use an API Key rather than an API Member?

A. An API Member is used where a record is being created and managed by an external system (such as your RMM), as Wise-Sync processes records on behalf of a user initiating the processing of the records, it is more appropriate to use the API Keys. Wise-Sync allows multiple users to be setup and sync, therefore using an API key allows the logging of the sync to each user performing the action.

Q. What security permissions are required for the API Key?

A. The API Key uses the member which the credentials are linked to for the security of the action (Such as Batch an Invoice, or Update a Payment of an Invoice in ConnectWise). In order for Wise-Sync to function, that member must have permissions which allow it to interact with all Financial Systems. Refer to Apply PSA Member Security for more information.

Q. Can I share the same key amongst the other Wise-Sync User accounts.

A. Yes, you can use the same key for all Users in Wise-Sync. The keys saved for the account will be applied to all users for that account. Keep in mind that any sync actions will be performed with those credentials, so you may not be able to determine who 'synced the records'

Q. Do I still need to update my ConnectWise Member Credentials when I update them?

A. Yes, the ConnectWise member credentials will still be required for some time. The requirement for the API Key has been enacted due to the progressive decommissioning of the SOAP endpoint. The ConnectWise member credentials are also required where "Enable Support Access" is provided for our support team to provide assistance with issues.

Q. I use the Quicklink in ConnectWise, which user do I need to update.

A. The quick link is linked to a specific user in Wise-Sync. The username is present in the top right corner of Wise-Sync, this is the user that must have the API Keys updated.

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