Wise-Pay: Version 1.6.8 Release Notes

Release Date 18th September 2019

Wise-Pay v1.6.8.1 (hotfix)

Invoices were being reflected in Wise-Pay as an outstanding invoice, despite a payment/credit having been applied to the invoice directly in the accounting package.

Release Date 16th September 2019

Wise-Pay v1.6.8

Bugs be gone.

Improved handling of inactive payment methods

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To learn about how inactive payment methods are managed, check out Manage Inactive Payment Methods (Payrix).

Add/Edit Automatic Payment Mappings

When adding/editing Automatic Payment Mappings for Payers, you were able to select an inactive payment methods. Wise-Pay now stops inactive payment method from being selected.

Automatic Payment Schedule Failure event notification not triggered

If a Payer's inactive payment method was the cause of an Automatic Payment failing to schedule, the Automatic Payment Schedule Failure event notification was not triggered. This has been corrected

Error Saving Merchant Settings

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To learn about how to configure credit cards and surcharges, read Applying Surcharges.

If credit card surcharges were to be charged for Automatic Payments only (not ad-hoc payments), an error occurred when trying to save the Merchant Account Settings where the surcharges were set to $0.00 and 0%, because Billing Term Surcharge are configured. Wise-Pay will allow this to occur now, however, a valid account must be selected for each credit card you will accept payment from.

Other Updates

  • Various bug fixes to resolve issues for ConnectWise REST Integration are currently in Beta.
    • An error occurred when trying to obtain Billing Terms from ConnectWise to configure Automatic Payments.
    • Wise-Pay was downloading invoice PDFs from the Accounting Package despite the Merchant Account being configured to download them from ConnectWise.
  • A redundant function was removed from Wise-Pay that was incorrectly removing the outstanding flag on invoices.

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