Wise-Pay: Version 1.6.2 Release Notes

Release Date - 5th December, 2018


  • Customers with Authroize.Net, Braintree and Stripe were not able to manage Automatic Payment Terms for their Payers.

Release Date - 6th November, 2018


  • An unexpected Xero response caused an error for customers connecting and syncing to their Xero company.

Release Date - 31st October, 2018

New Wise-Pay Integrations - ITSupportPanel and CloudRadial

We're excited to announce integration with ITSupportPanel and CloudRadial!

The Integration from ITSupportPanel (by Invarosoft) and CloudRadial to Wise-Pay allows your customers to pay you faster and easier. Your customers can click a button from the ITSupportPanel and CloudRadial application, which will automatically authenticate them into Wise-Pay, so that they can view and make payments, via the Wise-Pay application.

To activate the integrations:

Activating integration with ITSupportPanel

Activating integration with CloudRadial

For more information about ITSupportPanel and CloudRadial, visit their websites:



Improvements to Inactive Payer/Payment Methods

We've made further improvements on our last release in the way we handle Payers' inactive Payment Methods with Payrix.

Periodic Checks for payment methods made inactive by Payrix

There may be a reason for Payrix to mark a payers payment method as inactive, for example, if a payer has not made a payment with their credit card in 12 months, that payment method becomes inactive.

We're taking a proactive approach in making it easier for our customers to see if a payer's payment method has become inactive so that action can be taken before the next payment is attempted. We're running monthly checks with Payrix to find payers that have become inactive and display that appropriately in Wise-Pay.

In the Payer Admin screen below, the silhouette icon will indicate whether any of the payment methods for a payer is inactive.

Make a Payer's Payment Method Inactive/Active

As a Merchant Admin, you can control the status of a payer's payment method easily in Wise-Pay, without having to login to Payrix. Edit the Payer and navigate to the payment method that needs to be updated.

You can flag a payment method inactive, if it's not mapped to any Automatic Payment Terms, otherwise, you will see the error below.

Either edit the Automatic Payment Mapping to assign a different payment method or delete the mapping altogether.

Once the payment method has been flagged as Inactive, Payrix will be updated.

Improvements to Merchant Proxies

We've made improvements on how we handle Proxies/PayNow Links/Email Links generated for Merchants that allow payers to pay their invoices via a guest payment flow. There were problems where a Proxy/PayNow Link/Email Link was generated for a user would fail if that user were deleted/disabled from Wise-Sync, meaning Payers could not pay invoices via guest payment flow.

Managing active/inactive Proxies/PayNow Links/Email Links for different users

In the instance where a Wise-Sync user has been disabled and it is assigned to a Wise-Pay Proxy/PayNow Link/Email Link, the Wise-Pay Proxy/PayNow Link/Email Link will be made inactive. This means, your customers won't be able to use that proxy. See the example below.

The Wise-Sync user simone@xeroau3010a.wise-sync.com was disabled. The email link below has been deactivated and cannot be made active again, unless the Wise-Sync user simone@xeroau3010a.wise-sync.com was enabled.

As Merchant Admin, create a new Proxy/PayNow Link/Email Link for a different user, then update the related 3rd party application with the new settings.

NOTE: Deactivating a Proxy/PayNow Link/Email Link is instant and means your customers won't be able to pay invoices via that method.

Other Updates

  • We've been ironing out issues related to Automatic Payment Processing where the Xero API is unavailable (hotfix v1.6.1.2).
    • Payments were marked as payment taken when this had not occurred, if the payment was being held due to an unavailable Xero API.
    • Payments that were held due to an unavailable Xero API were failing when the API service had subsequently resumed.
  • We're gracefully failing automatic payments that are in a Queued or Scheduled state for invoices that have subsequently been deleted/void from the accounting package (example below).

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