Warning: A Part-Shipped Purchase Order has already been synced


Error: A Part-Shipped Purchase Order has already been synced

How can this happen?

When Part-Shipment is enabled, the default setting for Part-Ship Compliance will HALT based on the pre-determined settings giving you an error. This is to ensure that additional records are not accidentally created in your accounting package.

This error is as a result of a timing issue of when the items are received in ConnectWise and correspondingly when they are synced to your accounting package. In some instance items may be received at a later date using the same packing slip. When Wise-Sync is set to Part-Ship, the system will refer to the Packing Slip (ID) when validating the compliance of whether that batch has been synced before.


If the record in your accounting package is missing the additional items that are yet to sync, then the process is to either set the compliance level to Warn or Delete the Open Batch in the Accounting Interface.

By deleting the open batch, the record (posted initially) will then be released as an Unposted Record. ConnectWise will then by design re-group the additional items and the previously batched items together to process to your accounting package.

Option 1: Set the Compliance Level to Warn 

  1. Click on Companies from the Wise-Sync Menu
  2. Select the company from the list. This will load all of the settings from your accounting package.
  3. Click on Procurement Options tab
  4. Select "Warning" from the Part-Ship compliance drop-down box
  5. Press Save
  6. Re-Sync the record in Wise-Sync. The record will post, with a warning advising that two or more records exist for that same purchase order / slipID combination.

 Option 2: Delete the Open Batch for the record previously synced 

  1. Finance tab in ConnectWise
  2. Select Accounting Interface from the menu
  3. Click on Open Batches tab
  4. Search for the PO, using *{PO#}* where PO# is your purchase order number
  5. Locate the specific PO relating to the part-shipment (refer to the error in Wise-Sync if required) and the Unposted Procurements Tab for the record waiting to post through to your accounting package.
  6. Select the Item from the Open Batches tab, from the Action Menu, select Delete Batches
  7. The Unposted procurement record will be updated to include the additional records previously batched.
  8. Check in your Accounting Package, to ensure that the record has not been paid / or has a $0 balance.

    Note: You do not need to void or delete the record from your accounting package, the record will be updated.

Do I need to delete the previous record in my accounting package?

No, Wise-Sync will update the record existing in the accounting package, providing that it is not already paid or has a $0 value. To sync a record that is already paid, simply remove the payment or adjust the invoice in the accounting system so that the record can be updated.

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