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Wise-Sync provides the following options to select the invoice date which will be used for Purchase Invoices in xero.

To update this option, navigate to the Edit Company screen and select the company you wish to change the setting for:

Selecting the invoice option best suited to your business process, will allow you to closely match the invoices to the dates and appropriately set the due date for invoices based on this date. The options for selection are:

  • Purchase Order (PO) Date
  • Vendor Invoice Date
  • Received Date
  • Ship Date

The following are the use cases, can help you select the option most suitable to your business process:

Purchase Order Date:
When the purchase order date is used for new Purchase Invoices, this date will be selected from the Purchase Order Date (of when the PO was first raised). 

Note: This date is used as the default where the selected option is not provided.
I.e. if you select "Vendor Invoice Date" and one is not provided on the Purchase Order, the sync will select the PO date if a Vendor Invoice Date is not provided.

Vendor Invoice Date:
When the Vendor Invoice Date is selected, the date which is provided as part of the purchase order, in the Vendor InvoiceDate  field is used for all Purchase Invoices raised.

Received Date:
When Received Date option is selected, the (max) date of the items received on the PO will be used. This is not user set, so where a PO is edited, or items unreceived, the date of the Purchase Invoice will be set according to the date when the changes were made.

Note: This option may be most suitable for partners that have "Enable Part Ship" selected;

Ship Date:
Wise-Sync has provided the option to use the (max) Ship Date of items on the purchase order, as the date used for the Unique Slip ID and Purchase Order. This option provides user editable and selectable options, and will provide the most options based on the ability to update the Ship according to the user defined date.

Note for Part Ship Partners: Ship date together with using the "Slip ID" field for the vendor invoice number will provide the most flexibility, as you can add an item to hold the description and detail for the vendor invoice.

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