Syncing Invoices with Wise-Sync

In this video we will review the process to complete your first sync with Wise-Sync.

Sync Invoices to QuickBooks Online

  1. Navigate to ConnectWise PSA > Finance > Accounting Interface > Unposted Invoices 
  2. Select all pending invoices > Actions > Update GL Entries  
  3. Navigate to Wise-Sync  
  4. Click Sync Invoices button  

Wise-Sync will attempt to sync all invoices which are in the Accounting Interface Unposted Invoices screen to QuickBooks Online.   

ConnectWise PSA Today Screen Tab 

  1. Navigate to Wise-Sync > Account > Options 
  2. Tick Real Time Sync Enabled 
  3. Return Account > Details and click Test Connection  
  4. If successful connection, click Save  
  5. Navigate to ConnectWise PSA > Favorites > Today Screen 
  6. If Wise-Sync Tab is not showing 
  7. Reload ConnectWise PSA Today screen in a new Tab 
  8. If still not showing, select Settings Cog and add Wise-Sync  

Activate Real Time Sync 

  1. Navigate to Wise-Sync > Companies > GL Owners Tab 
  2. Tick box “enable Autosync” 
  3. Click Save 

From this point forward, invoices which are moved into a closed invoice status in ConnectWise PSA will be immediately synced to QuickBooks Online.  

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