Known Issue: ConnectWise Member Details are invalid after v2016.4 Upgrade

Resolved: ConnectWise have advised that the issue has been resolved in patch 40446, partners upgrading to v2016.4 are advised to install all available patches at the time of upgrade. The minor version should be v2016.4.40446 or later.

An issue has been identifed where after upgrade of ConnectWise version 2016.4, the member credentials used to access the Accounting Interface are invalid, even though they are valid and were working before the upgrade. Partners affected by the upgrade are requested to log a support ticket with ConnectWise requesting update for when the patch is released for immediate update.

ConnectWise Platform Ticket:

Ticket#8029331/wisesync/v2016.4 > Multiple Users > Failing to Authenticate with Member Details
Update from ConnectWise -  10 Jun, 2016  

ConnectWise confirmed that Patch 40446 has been released to all 2016.4 partners as a priority release. Wise-Sync have confirmed that the issue has been resolved. Partners still experiencing issues when using v2016.4 should log a support ticket via email
Update from ConnectWise - 7 Jun, 2016  

The patch is going out tomorrow (8 June EST). I don't have an official time tomorrow but this should be working some time tomorrow. Partners will need to reset their password however for it to start working. If you have any additional questions let me know and I will be happy to help.

Update from ConnectWise - 3 Jun, 2016

We have been working on this issue.. are currently testing a fix for this and if all goes well we can push out the patch on Monday for on Premise partners and a day or 2 later for our Cloud partners. We will update you once it is actually pushed out but it should be coming soon as we know it is urgent for our partners.

Update from ConnectWise -  2 Jun, 2016

.. we made a change to our Encryption in 2016.4 to ensure everything is more secure and this is causing an issue with the Accounting API. But our dev team is looking into this at a very high priority for you. I am going to escalate this as well so we can update you with any additional information.

Initial Report - 1 Jun, 2016

Some partners are reporting issues with syncing records after upgrading to 2016.4. Initial indications are that an update has been released out of band, which is affecting some partners. Current alpha testing platform is 2016.4.40197, where affected systems are showing a later patch of 2016.4.40299. At this time the patch has not been tested and is currently not applied to our Pre-Alpha testing platform.

A ticket has been logged with ConnectWise as a prority, as there is no possible work-around.  

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