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Inventory Transfers are simple transactions, with the moving of the value of stock between two Asset Accounts in Xero. As the asset account is linked to a warehouse, and that the asset account is defined in Wise-Sync, it is possible to have the same account for multiple warehouses (where you do not wish to record inventory value by warehouse). In this case, the moving of stock would cause a transaction of net affect.

Create a new Inventory Transfer

Create a New Inventory Transfer, by selecting the Item you wish to Transfer
1. Select the Item to Transfer between warehouses from the List

Save the item to view the Transfer Screen

Select the Warehouse to Transfer to:

1. Select the Warehouse and Bin to transfer the item to:
2. Enter the Qty to transfer.
3. If serialized is enabled, then select the Serial Number(s)

Press Save.

Transfer Record Now Ready to Post to Xero

Once the adjustment record is closed, a new "Unposted Record" will appear in the Accounting Interface > Unposted Procurement List.

Sync Unposted Inventory Records in Wise-Sync

Processing the "Unposted Inventory" in Wise-Sync will then batch this record to Xero: 

Xero Inventory Transfer (Transaction)

NOTE: If you make a mistake and transfer inventory to an incorrect warehouse, fear not - just transfer it back again!

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