Wise-Pay Update - 19 December 2019

General Release - 19 December 2019

A few wins worth celebrating this festive season!

Late Bank Debit Rejections (Payrix)

When a bank debit is processed, Wise-Pay receives a response from Payrix that the payment was processed successfully. At that stage, Wise-Pay marked the invoice as paid and apply the payment to the invoice in the Accounting Package.

On the occurrence the payment is later rejected Payrix , Wise-Pay wasn't updating the status of the invoice, to reflect that the payment had failed. We've made an improvement, to handle these scenarios. The following events will take place when we receive a late rejection:

  1. Wise-Pay will search for the payment and update the status to Failed;
  2. Wise-Pay will then attempt to remove the payment that's been applied in the Accounting Package;


    In the event that the attempt to remove the payment from the accounting package fails, Wise-Pay will still display the payment as failed. The applied payment will need to be removed from the accounting package manually.

  3. The invoice will appear in Outstanding Payments;
  4. The payment can be re-attempted.

    Re-attempt Payment

    If the invoice was processed as an Automatic Payment, it can be Reset & Requeued, otherwise, from Outstanding Payments, it can be paid by Credit Card or a new Bank Debit Request can be scheduled.

Payer Status Improvements (Payrix)

Managing Payer Status'

A while we introduced a feature that allowed you to manage the status of payment methods Payrix. Check out Manage Inactive Payers (Payrix) for more information.

Wise-Pay Payer Admin screen dynamically shows the status of a Payer's Credit Card, Bank Account, Automatic Payment Mappings, and the Payer overall by changing the colour of their respective icons. This release sees improvements to how a Payer's Credit Card, Bank Account, and the Payer (overall) being displayed in the Payer Admin screen. Below, describes the colour code of the Payer's (overall) status.

No payment methods have been configured for this payer.
All payment methods that are configured have no transactions processed yet.
All payment methods configured are active and payments successfully processed.
Either the credit card is expiring and/or bank account is inactive.
All payment methods configured are inactive or has resulted in a payment error.

Check out Manage Payers for more information about the icons their colour coding.

Improved cache handling

We had reports of data that appeared to be missing or incorrectly displayed in lists. This was caused by an incomplete cache refresh of these lists/screens when the screens are loaded. We've corrected the cache refresh to complete successfully. This issue affected the following screens:

  • Payer Admin - there was a problem where if there were 500+ payers to display, the screen would bomb out, displaying a server error. Also, some payers were missing from the list.
  • Wise-Pay Dashboard (all widgets) - some invoices were not being displayed in the correct widget. For example, an invoice that was paid was displayed in the Outstanding Payments widget, instead of the Past Payments widget.
  • Outstanding Payments and Batch Pay Now - outstanding invoices appeared to be missing and couldn't be selected for payment. Invoices that were paid were also displayed here incorrectly.
  • Automatic Payments and (ad-hoc) Payments - payments appeared to be missing or displayed incorrectly.

Other Updates

  • After feedback about their ambiguity, the Pay Now action has been renamed to Pay Now by Credit Card and the Schedule action has been renamed to Schedule Bank Debit in the Outstanding Payments widget and screen.

  • The Bank Account for Payments setting in Account Merchant Details (Merchant Configuration tab) has been changed to Account for Clearing Payments to remove ambiguity.
  • When an Automatic Payment is being Reset & Re-queued, the payment could fail, if the Automatic Payment Billing Term used to schedule it had been recreated or the Payer's mapped Payment Method had changed. When using Reset & Re-queue, you will need to re-select the Automatic Payment Billing Term for scheduling. This will then reload the payment method used to take payment.

  • Rescheduling of some failed payments resulted in a This error is coming from an unimpelmented function... instead of handling the initial failure.
  • A Merchant filter has been added to avoid clashing of invoice validation across merchants.

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