FAQ: Why are there rounding items on an invoice

Rounding is a functional part of Wise-Sync and the integration between ConnectWise and cloud accounting packages. It helps to ensure that the value of the items being sold on the ConnectWise invoice correspond to the detailed line amounts of the invoice in your accounting package.

ConnectWise pre-rounds the value of the items that are posted through to your accounting package, that can result in a calculation mismatch between the price in ConnectWise (Product) and the Price of the item that is calculated when sent to your accounting package.

This is especially problematic for products that are fractionally costed, such as Managed Print (Click Charges) and virtual machine service charges (hourly or per minute charges costed at fractions of a cent)


In the above case, the item is priced at $5.2456, so if you were to sell 100 of these items the total price would be: 524.56

When the batch is created, ConnectWise returns the rounded unit price of $5.25

With a Quantity of 100, that would make the total line equal $525.00 (some 0.44 more). In this case the system would then result in an out of balance invoice, as the line does not match the amount of the line on the Invoice.

Wise-Sync then adds a rounding line to the invoice (for that product) to bring it back into alignment.

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