Wise-Pay: Version 1.6.0 Release Notes

Release Date - 21st September, 2018


  • There was an issue reported where invalid / duplicate notifications were being sent after enabling the Overdue Payments event.
    • On investigating this issue, we found these problems when processing new/updated invoices:
      • An invalid Due Date check was allowing overdue and upcoming payment triggers to be reset, causing overdue / upcoming payment notifications to spam recipients indefinitely.
      • A Merchant specific filter was missing.
      • For QBO customers, an invalid Last Updated Date was set for some invoices.
  • The Outstanding Payment Update process completed at the end of each sync was processing every invoice, causing Accounts Payable invoices to hit Wise-Pay as Outstanding Payments. If these invoices were overdue, it would trigger Wise-Pay notifications to be sent to the Merchant Admin.

Release Date - 6th September, 2018


  • Duplicate event notifications were received by Merchant Admin and Payer subscribers.
  • Events fired By Overdue / Upcoming triggers were being processed too many times.

Release Date - 20th August, 2018


  • Some Event Notifications were missing when the feature was activated for customers.

Release Date - 17 August, 2018


  • No customer facing issues.

Release Date - 15 August, 2018


  • A The field RequestDate must be a date error occurred when trying to schedule an invoice for payment.

Release Date - 13th August, 2018

Wise-Pay for Autotask

This release launches the new Wise-Sync user interface, available for customers using Autotask. As you sync your invoices in Wise-Sync, see invoice company's Payer status, their payment method configured and the result of Automatic Payments scheduled for each invoice.

View Wise-Sync - Version Release Notes v4.6.0 to see what the new Wise-Sync user interface looks like!

Other Updates

  • Merchant Administrators were not able to delete a payer's credit card that had been used for Automatic Payments.
  • Activating an Event Notification with Auto-Subscribe caused an error.
  • Automatic Payment were scheduled for the wrong date in some months if Billing Terms set the Invoice Due Date to be a particular day of the following month.

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