Pre-Setup ConnectWise Expenses > Completed: Start Syncing

You're Done! Syncing Expenses is Easy.

Once you have completed the setup of your Expense Setup in ConnectWise and Xero, you're ready to start syncing.

As a reminder, the following records are created as part of the Expense Processes

  • Employee Reimbursable Purchase Bill - To be paid to the employee.
  • Company Paid - Personal Reimbursable Transaction - To be repaid by the employee.
  • Company Paid - Non Reimbursable Purchase Bill - To be allocated against a payment (or to be paid).

More Information on Use Cases:

  • Expense Connect > Using Expense Connect to streamline your Expense Claim Processes.

Known Issues & Considerations: 

When you start syncing your Expenses to Xero, Wise-Sync will start processing the according to the approval dates. Each record is identifiable in Xero, by the Expense Transaction ID, which is corresponding to the Batch ID and Reference in Xero.

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