Known Issue > v2016.3: Purchase Order Tax - Causes Create Batch Failure

There is a known issue with v2016.3 where the Purchase Order tax feature is causing an error where older purchase orders need to be re-received with the tax setting enabled in order to ensure that the batch results are properly formed.

These new options have been added to provide functionality for Purchase Order tax that has been available in Wise-Sync since 2012.3.

The addition of the new field, introduces unexpeted behaviour where items have been reveived prior to the update.

To resolve this issue.

1. Unreceive all items on the Purchase Order.

2. Select a Tax Code

3. Select whether the Purchase Order is taxed (will not be referenced by Wise-Sync.

A support ticket has been raised with ConnectWise, however this function may be resolved earlier though our handling of the missing elements.

Created: 09 Feb, 2016  

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