ConnectWise Known Issue - v2014.5 > Large Adjustment Items stop some records syncing when Invoice Summary Set to "Detailed"

ConnectWise Update: Issue Resolved in v2014.6

Partners are advised to request an update to ConnectWise Version v2014.6 if they are experiencing this issue.

An error has been reported where Xero Invoice Option in Wise-Sync is set to Detailed.

NOTE: This article only applies if you have the Invoice Option set to "Detailed" so that invoices created in Xero will include the detailed time entry information. If you are getting this error and the setting is set to "Standard" or "Summary" then you will need to review the tax setup in both ConnectWise and Xero (the most common cause of Adjustments).

Some invoices will fail due to Wise-Sync attempting to adjust the invoice to match the invoice amount in ConnectWise. Where the details provided through the Accounting API are incomplete (missing time entries).

ConnectWise have noted this as a defect in the software and are currently working on a fix to resolve the issue. CW Ticket > #4523411

The issue is caused by time entries being entered by a resource not allocated to a ticket. When a resource is not allocated to a ticket, the amount for the time entry is set to $0. rather than the amount to bill based on the time entry on the ConnectWise invoice.

To resolve this issue

1. In Wise-Sync, sync all invoices which are to be sent to your accounting package as "Detailed" time entries.

2. For the invoices that have failed to post, similar to the above.

  1. Log into Wise-Sync (from a browser, preferably Chrome).
  2. Click on the Companies Link at the Top.
  3. Click on your Company from the list.
  4. Click on the Xero Invoice Options tab
  5. Select "Summary" from the Service Time Entry Invoice Options.
  6. Press Save.

Once you have saved the settings, click on the "Sync" button, and the invoices will be posted without error.

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